Frequently Asked Questions

Admission Policy:

1 : What is the earliest date that I can apply for my child?

Enrollments are currently in progress. Enrollments started in April and will be ongoing even after the school year starts.


2 : What forms should I need to fill up for the admission?

Admissions form, teacher recommendation forms for English and math and a Health Information Form. You can download the forms here.


3 : What is the process followed for the admission?

An initial enrollment meeting between the parents and Principal will be scheduled to discuss each individual application. The meeting is designed to clarify the schools expectations and those of the parents and children. The Principal will provide details about the school vision, mission and programs. Relevant policies and procedures will be made available during this meeting. There is an expectation that parents support and endorse the overall philosophy of the Goswami Academy; this includes our academic pedagogy, approach to discipline, spiritual practices and general ethos of the school.


4: What can be used for proof of a student’s identity and age?

The documents considered acceptable for proof of identification and age are:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport
  • School ID card, records, or report card
  • Military ID
  • Hospital birth record
  • Adoption records


5: How and when will I receive notification of admission decision?

You will receive a phone call from the principal and an acceptance letter will be mailed to you.


School General:

6: What is the schedule for the school day?

School starts at 8:15a.m. Students are supervised from 7:45a.m. School ends at 2:45p.m.


7: What type of holiday scheduling you follow?

We follow a schedule close to what most public and private schools in Houston follow. Please see school calendar for details.


Parent Involvement/Voluntary opportunities:



At present, the school is unable to provide transportation assistance. But we can provide a list of vendors you can contact and perhaps look at options of car -pooling with other students in the area.