After School Care

  • Engaging the children during the after -school program activities
  • Assist in supervision of the homework for the children in the afterschool program
  • Responsible for after school supervision of kids in the school along with homework supervision.
  • To support other staff for organizing classroom & learning resources, and creating displays to encourage a positive learning environment
  • Responsible for the upkeep of the existing resources
  • Must ensure equipment and the facility are clean, well maintained and safe at all times
  • Liaising with colleagues for the general upkeep of children, staff and the school
  • Participate in weekly & monthly reviews and planning when requested
  • Support and participate in events organized by the school
  • Be part of the outreach events promoting the school
  • Must be familiar & comply with all systems and procedures.
  • Assist staff, ECE Director and other involved members of the ECE section of the school about their compliance to the defined / established standards.
  • Assist in the implementation of policies and standards as defined the school management
  • Ensure about the safety & care of the children of the school is maintained to the highest standard and no compromise is made in that.

Responsible closure at end of after school program after all the children  leave in the evening and comply to the directed process to lock the school.